Jolies and Co is

Jolies and Co is

Our team is the experts in each aspect of digital. When working, we consider each perspective and bring them together to get closest to the perfect results and fix the problem. Analyzing performance minute-by-minute allows us to respond to the problem or change strategies swiftly, for the best benefit of our customers and their brand.

Supapan S.

Business Director

A digital professional needs to know to apply a bunch of techniques and tactics to get the completely perfect results. Don’t talks on your own. Focus on two-way communication. It’s far better and more precious in a long haul.

Pukkanan T.

Head of Digital Consultant

Digital strategy is the key but putting your heart in your jobs, every one of them, in every single step, is the golden key.

Sosittha M.

Digital Art Director

Gather everything and weave out creative stories through the design. Make its unique and outstanding.

Sake S.

Digital Project Specialist

Statistic is the important part we need to discuss for the better final success.

Proud N.

Digital Marketing

Understand the product. Understand the customers. Pay attention to the details when seeking for the very-much-need insight. Then, do the marketing campaign. Do it in the new style that can reach the customer’s deepest mind.

Nichcha S.

Brand Editor

Creating good content it’s about researching and  pouring out your inner feelings and makes people accept your content in the most creative way.

Salila R.

Special Content Creator

The most crystal clear communication is about presenting your content in the simplest way.

Nattapon S.

Digital Customer Service

Sincerely take care of your customer, and care for their needs with all it takes.

Golf T.

Associate Designer Specialist

Everyone born with ability to create a happiness. With skills and experiences to create result of creativity, my happiness is using that result to collect a smiles from the people around me.

Waralak L.

Business Operation Assistant

Be right on time and right on the point, then, nothing can stop you from stepping forward ever again.