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We are The professional digital agency  and  offer  One-stop online marketing service, from analyzing your product until we get insight data and applying it into the best marketing plan that fit the current digital trend for the highest achievement and measurable result with high expertations.

Online Strategy
Knowing what the customers want, understanding their online habits, and knowing what make them agree to buy, are online strategy keys. We analyze your competitors’ strength and weakness, follow your customer’s purchase habits, and analyze your marketing plan to turn into an action plan: set a campaign’s goal, choose the best communication method, and set a KPI that agree with the goal.



Social Media Management
We understand the nature of social media by experience and know how to adapt the current trend into the enticing branded and unbranded content. Strategic plan for managing content will be in according with the brand’s character to get closer to your customers. During the service, we watch over your social media constantly to respond to your client’s feedback real time.



Digital Production / Creative Campaign
We prepare full-service online production on each channel. No boring advertisements. We know the importance of user’s viewpoint to reach the best in your product and create unique selling points. To create enticing communication and allure the customers to interact with the brand, we never miss to send out the key message. Our team is a creative team full of experts with over eight years of experiences with projects such as online game, webisode, viral video, and more.



Content Creation
We create content that speaks to your audience’s passions, not for ads on Facebook. We focused on social media content that truly engages fans around your brand and products. We believe social media is uniquely suited to allow brands to really connect with customers on a deeper level.



Influencer network, Online PR, Communications The most powerful marketing tools need to be genuine in the reviews.  We work with influencer network to generate and syndicate genuine branded content and manage ROI on your social media effectively. We follow the constant changes and adapt accordingly for the best results in the right way. We use the most accurate database media channels who know where the online interest is to reach the real customers. Your budget will be dealt with sincerity and effectiveness. We send regular follow-up reports from a trustable tracking system. We monitor your social media constantly and are ready if anything needed change. Our PR program includes communication through online influencers, bloggers, net idols, and celebrities.



Promotions & Loyalty Marketing
We do promotion to achieve the brand’s goal of the right program, move customers through the purchase loop and can turn customers into fans, then fans into advocates. Keep in touch with the social tool on the personal level via coupon, SMS, e-Mail marketing, etc. to make them happy and loyalty with the brand.



Website, Facebook, Line@ and Mobile Application
We design and create  FB, Line@, websites and develop applications based on analyzed user’s habit and create easy to understandable wireframe, with a compelling user interface. SEO service from our SEO experts is available.



Digital Consultancy
We are ready to help you to deal with your social media. Rest assures. Your social media will be invested in the right way with us. We also offer consultancy regarding social report that reveals the right-on-the-point data analysis and suggestions for the better approach.